Medical Films

MEDIFOL is the trade mark for a wide range of PE films for wound care applications. The MEDIFOL films are used world-wide for the productions of wound-plasters ("band-aids") for the private consumer market as well as for medical tapes in the hospital market. The combination of soft and/or elastic plaster carrier film with rigid plaster cover film (release film) guarantees most simple detachment of the cover film and uniform adhesion of the carrier film.
MEDIFOL films are produced in Germany. We currently produce the following MEDIFOL grades in the colours transparent and tan (skin colour):

MEDIFOL PE-backing films (blown):

MEDIFOL ultra (Type 44527)
60 g/mē, 72 g/ē and 90 g/mē Standard film for all applications; easy to tear when perforated.
Micro-embossed, corona treated. Available in the range of 50 my to 90 my.

MEDIFOL soft (Type 44534)
60 g/mē, 72 g/mē and 90 g/mē Principle article for plaster strips and dressings. Soft hand due to a special processing. Micro-embossed and corona treated. Available in the range of 50my to 90my.

MEDIFOL elastic (Type 44537)
55 g/mē and 75 g/mē high elastic film for conformable strips and dressings. Micro-embossed and corona treated.

MEDIFOL 3d (Type 44600)
50 g/sqm and 60 g/sqm soft and elastic perforated film for plaster strips. The perforation in combination with a moisture permeable adhesive allows a good moisture exchange and reduces skin irritation.3-dimensional perforated film for breathable strips/bandages

Others on request

PE-backing films (cast):
For all applications like plaster strips and dressings. Micro-embossed and corona treated. Available in the range of 80 my to 90 my.

CODE 340
Like CODE 10 but with additional flexibility and soft hand for plaster, Strips and dressings. Available in the range of 60 my and 90 my.

PLASTACE 3 and 4
PE-non-woven laminate for “skin-like” touch and high conformability. For plaster strips and dressings. Available in a version of 56 g/mē and 96 g/mē.

High quality films which are tailored to the special requirements of demanding areas in the hygiene and medical industries. To meet customer requirements, films can be delustred, structured, coloured, microperforated, given a textile finish, laminated and printed.
Used in Consumer Goods, Pharma / Medical.

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