MEDIFOL PE-cover films

Rigid PE-films with high mechanical qualities. Excellent release properties without any use of silicon due to a special processing. As a consequence no problems with migration of silicon into the adhesive can occure. Available in different densities, white grades and embossings.

(Type 04514)
Standard film for medical application; available in thr range of 50 to 100mm always in Jumbo-rolls.

(Type 04515)
A rigid PE film with high mechanical qualities and good release properties, available in transparent and different white grades with two different embossings. The MEDIFOL cover film is also available in pre-cut rolls in narrow width.

(Type 44523)
Standard film like Type 04514 but in slit reels in the range of 22 - 125mm

(Type 44550)
PE-release film with additional release properties.

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